PARTS || Brendan Murry - San Jose, CA - (408) 266-3324

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Updated 5/3/2020

  • Piston rack covers 59.00 ea
  • Short block covers -75.00 pr.
  • New 392 hemi roller cams 200.00 ea
  • New mallory transformer 125.00
  • I have 2 Moonyham 8-71 alcohol blower set up for alcohol with snout 2350.00 ea
  • SSI 14-71 top fuel style blower 2450.00 with snout
  • Mike Kuhl river rat water pumps still 525.00
  • Tons of 8MM pulleys 60.00 ea
  • New 8 MM pulleys from 89.00 ea
  • 11 MM belts 3 for 125 shipped
  • NEW! Lightning billet big block CHEVROLET 6.385 long rods 975.00 set
  • Sb chevy blower manifold
  • 526 KB hemi short block set up for Brad fat heads .100 tall ,54MM camshaft steal me at 8500.00
  • BB chevy roller lifters 100- set
  • 6-71 alcohol blower Blower shop new 2650.00
  • Big block chevy 2-1/4 zoomies – 425.00 pr .
  • Enderle 110 pump new 689.00
  • Enderle 80-A pump new 498.00
  • SB chevy zoomies – 325.00
  • Low low pricing on Clevite rod and main bearings bb chevy and 426 hemi
  • Mike Kuhl River rat water pumps in stock 525.00
  • NOS polished 417 Donovan valve covers 1275.00
  • 392 CRAGAR blower manifold aluminum – 589.00
  • 392 hemi standard length Lightning billet aluminum rods 975.00 set
  • Blown big block Chevrolet alcohol motor, new standard deck 9.800 block 4.280 bore, Merlin heads o ringed, new Ferrea stainless valves, PSI roller springs, JE pistons , Akerly Childs rings, New lightning billet aluminum rods, New Clevite bearings, New ARP head /main studs, Erson roller cam, New Milodon oil pan / geardrive, New RCD blower hub, New oil pump, Blower shop blower manifold with burst panel, Roller rockers , hd pushrods 7900.00 - add new blower and injector for 12,500.00Piston rack covers 59.00 ea
  • Check us for low low pricing on Titan, RCD, Arias, SCE gasket, Simpson, DJ safety, Akerly & Childs, Enderle, Blower Shop, Ferrea,Clevite bearing, Billet fab, Weld wheel, System 1, Moroso, Darton, Venolia

    Check out our updated website for more great deals at WWW.RACECARPARTS.COM or call (408)266-3324 Brendan


    Brendan Murry
    Performance Motorsports
    1520 Minnesota Ave.
    San Jose California 95125

PARTS || Dale I. - Torrance, CA - (310) 539-5950

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Best way to contact us: Drop us a note using messaging, click the "email seller" button below

Enderle Fuel Systems:
***Authorized Enderle Dealer*** - Email us with your needs and we will provide a quote to you. We will supply Fuel Systems that are tailored to your needs. Very Competitive Pricing - Will ship World Wide.

Casale 12-deg V-drive, Midplate, no in/out, no Whirlaway, no gears $650

Casale Gears 10-deg.:1.12 lite, 15, 18, 22, 27 lite, 48, 50, 54 lite RH, 57, 57 lite, 60 lite, 63, 77 lite,
Casale Gearset,10-deg Large Top Shaft 1.48 lite, 1.74 lite, 2.25, 2.31, 2.33, 2.57 12-deg: 1.65

Casale Gears 12-deg.: 1.12

Clutches, Transmissions, Driveline, Underwater:
Shortened Polished Torqueflite 727 Trans with Lenco 426 Hemi Bell housing $700,

Other Safety:
New Top Fuel / Top Alcohol Hydro Chute/Silver Bag/pilot/bridle Kevlar center latest design $500ea (list: $750), Deist Hydro Chute nice used $150, New Capsule Ratchet Belts Current SFI Red or Black $135,

PARTS || Brendan Murry - San Jose, CA - (408) 266-3324

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Click Image To See Full Size Version Now taking orders for the all new River rat water pump in in production all new tooling, solid billet construction CNC machined released at the introductory offer price of $525.00. For your boat, race car, or street rod. It is stackable with an Enderle or Hilborn fuel pump and can replace a fuel pump extension. Comes with -10 inlet & -8 outlet fittings. Polished finish.

Brendan Murry
Performance Motorsports
1520 Minnesota Ave.
San Jose California 95125

PARTS || Dan Aaseth - Acton, CA - (661) 510-6362

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Fiberglass Seats NEW Original 2 Rib Design White or Black Gelcoat std size 18 1/2" wide $135 ea...wide boy size 20 1/2" wide $150 ea
Carbon Fiber Seats NEW hand laid $350 ea
Fiberglass Air Scoops Tall Formula 5000 Look NEW Seam filled, primed, ready for Paint $150
Billet Aluminum Seat Mounting Brackets (stringer mount) NEW $50 pair
Billet Aluminum V-Drive Plate Brace Recievers for Hiem Joint Braces NEW (nice window milled and angle cut pieces) $120 pair, S.S. Hiem Rod Ends $30ea, Alloy Hiem Rod Ends $10ea
Billet Aluminum V-Drive Plate Brackets NEW T style and radiused (no holes) $50 pair
Billet Aluminum Engine Mounting Rail kits NEW 75" long with 10 Stringer Washers $95
Billet Aluminum Motor Plates NEW 3/8" 6061 T-6 Our pattern or copy yours $350 set
Billet Aluminum Machined 2" wide Motor Plate Feet set of 4 machine finish $120
Stringer Washers Billet NEW Machined Finish 1.50ea, Anodized Colors (Red, Black, Blue, Purple and Gold) $2.25 ea
Billet Aluminum Flatbottom Fins New $75
Flatbottom Rudders 100% Chromoly 1" shaft NEW Our own Canyon style River Race to Top Alcohol $650
Chromoly Chrome Wedge Rudder 1 1/8" shaft 12" tall NEW $500
Chrome Rudder Stuffing Boxes $90
Propshaft Safety Collars 1" & 1 1/8" Chrome 2 piece NEW $30 ea
Down Pedal Control Rod Clevis Ends NEW $20
Billet Polished Control Arms $100, Billet Polished Transom Cavitation Shaft Bearings $40 each
Cav Plate Polished Reciever Pads Bushed Billet NEW $40ea, S. S. Polished Eyelevers 1 1/2" to 2 1/4" $28 each
Turn buckle Centers 1/2" dia Aluminum 5" and 6" long NEW $12 ea
Starter Switches Heavy Duty Foot Buttons $25
Strut Bushings 1", 1 1/8" and 1 1/4" $20
Ask for pictures of anything listed

MSD Pro Mag Ignition:
Nothing at this time
Bellhousing-Driveline Guard 5" Adapter Ring NEW Polished $80
PTO (Power Take Off Button) kits with all Bolts NEW Flywheel or Flexplate 1310-$75 1350- $80
CM Hi Volume Oil Pumps 1.400 wide rotors NEW $60 each

Flywheel spacers 1/2" $20
RCD idler pulley adjuster magnesium $30

1310 U Joints NEW $13.75ea, 1350 U Joints NEW $18.95ea

V-Drive Mounting Plates 3/8" and 1/2" thick Water Jacket or Large Gear CNC cutout NEW 6061-T6 in stock
Prop Shaft Couplers (steel & balanced) NEW in stock
Whirlaway kits NEW in stock, Whirlaway Dog sets NEW in stock
Air Shift kits complete with Co2 Bottle, Regulator and Electric Air Valve NEW $450
Air Shift Bracket NEW $75, Electric Air Valve $60, Bimba Air Shift Cylinders NEW $60
Shafts in stock, Gasket sets in stock, Bearing pullers $60, Bearing sets in stock $185, Locking Handles NEW in stock, Output Housings NEW in stock, Input Hub Flanges 1310 and 1350 NEW in stock
Gear sets 2.17, 2.18, 2.25, 2.26, 2.31
Canyon Marine is an authorized Casale V-Drive repair station.
Call Canyon Marine at 661 510-6362 and ask for Dan.
We have a full inventory of new Casale parts, Thanks

Nothing at this time

Rimac Valve Spring Tester 500 lbs with Dial Indicator & Base Assembly, Immaculate Condition $900
MTI Pneumatic Valve Spring Compressor, Excellent Condition $650
Heavy Duty Prop Pullers $90
CO2 Bottles 2 1/2 lb NEW $125, CO2 Bottles 10 oz NEW $95
CO2 Fixed Regulators 100 lb, 120 lb, 150 lb, 175 lb, 180 lb and 225 lb NEW $50
CO2 Download Transfer Manifolds New $60
Aircraft Starter Solenoids NEW $40
Polycarbonite Propshaft Shaftlog Seal Housings 1", 1 1/8", 1 1/4" NEW in stock includes seal, snap ring and zert $75

Thank You
Dan Aaseth
Canyon Marine
(661) 510-6362

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