Crash and Burn

This poster features some of the most spectacular crash and burn photos ever shot by The poster includes Tim Stokes Widowmaker crash, Hannes Wernharts Showtime, Rick Davis Dressed in Drag, Mike Gildays Witchcraft, Jon Wrights Tinker Toy, Terry Wheelers California Sound, Ron Braaksmas Madness, Ron McLellans Liquid Quiker II, Charlie Wilkies Black Widow, Dwayne Pattons incredible Wildside engine explosion, and Greg Tedescos Loose Cannon fireball. Definately a must for the Drag Boat Junky!

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Liquid Quarter Mile Pt 1

This poster features greats from the days of open boats like Sunny Jones' 'My Boat Too', Jerry Fulgham's 'Hillbilly', Ted Faggart's 'Superstar', Bill DeMent's 'Sudden Impact', Steve Coccellato's 'Nasty Habit', Gordon Padgett's 'Final Effort', Jay Haroutunian's 'Whiskey River', Terry Thompson's 'Master Blaster', Jim Benson's 'Hot Blooded', Fred Bray's 'Coors Light Silver Bullet', Jim Ermshar's 'Ivory Hunter', Ron Sapp's 'Tuff Toy', and Scott Boothe's 'Spare Change'


Liquid Quarter Mile Pt 2

This poster features the state of the art boats of today, like Clinton Anderson's 'Fatal Attraction', Ron Braaksma's 'Madness', Cliff Bingham's 'Money For Nothin', Lou Osman's 'Speed Sport Special', Roger Way Jr.'s 'California Hustler', Rod Corning's 'Wasted Nights', Dean Kirschner's 'Blown Crazy', Kebin Kinsley's 'Alabama Express', Ralph Padilla's 'Quarterflash', Kyle Walker in 'Spirit of America', Tom Cantrell's 'Beautiful Noise', Randy Fawks' 'Smokin & Strokin', and Steve Varner's 'Caught In the Act'


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