Loose Cannon Flying

Probably our most recognizable photo. This photo was captured when the twin-screw was still being fine-tuned. This is the second hop after the boat lept, dove hard and then this. Believe it or not, this boat came down and made a pass under 6 seconds at over 200 mph.


Riding the Rails

Tim Stokes, one of the sports most feared competitors tipped his Widowmaker machine over at Firebird. The team tried a new prop for this pass, and the boat didn't like it a bit. Tim put left rudder in it to avoid running over the timing lights - and this was the results. Aside from some bumps and bruises, Tim walked away unscathed.


Wildside Boomer

Talk about starting off on the wrong foot. Dwayne Patton and the Wildside team just purchased the #2 American Flyer boat from Charlie Fegan and began to campaign on their own. On the very first run, and a brand new engine, disaster struck and this was the result. Parts and pieces flew out of this baby in a hurry. Good thing Dwayne installed a blast shield behind the capsule!


Dressed In Drag Crash

Rick Davis had the ride of his life. In just his third race behind the wheel of the reigning championship boat, Rick rode the ladder just a little too high and crashed at the 2002 IHBA Nitro Nationals in Red Bluff. Rick did look like he went 10 rounds with Tyson when he was done, but he did walk away from this horrific crash. I always wondered what the paint on the deck of this boat looked like!


Dago Red Girls

Jeff Vail and Jason Crews gave us the opportunity to shoot some pictures of their boats with a little eye candy on 'em. The two beauties only make one of the best looking flats around look better. Can you say shop photo!


Loose Cannon Fireball

FIREBALL!!!!!! One of the first passes by the Loose Cannon. This is back in the single-screw days. This bomb was at an NJBA race where the LC team was doing some initial testing of the new machine. Believe it or not, this was only a fuel line that broke - but I guess if you pump 100/gallons per minute, this would happen.


Plumb Crazy Power Blowover

Well this was a first - a power blowover. Jerry Kutz electrified the crowd at the 2006 Nitro Nationals with this spectacular crash. The team had brand new props on the machine and had it hopped up for this pass. The boat did an incredible wheelstand and eventually went over. Jerry was unhurt, it was even said that when rescue came to get him out of the capsule, the water was so cold and the body heat in the capsule caused the window to fog and Jerry wrote the words "I'm OK" in the fog on the window!


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