Hot Rod & Race Car Parts Swap Meet

Posted: 10-18-2019

The largest northern California hot rod and race car parts swap meet is coming soon. November 3rd and Sacramento Raceway. Come find the parts you need, or sell that stuff that is sitting on your shelf.

2019 Schedules Posted

Posted: 2-16-2019

Just posted the 2019 race schedules for the ADBA, NJBA, CDBA, and SDBA.

World Finals Pix are now posted

Posted: 11-10-2018

I just posted all of the pictures from the 2018 World Finals. See all of the images at: 2018 World Finals Photo Gallery, or you can choose by boat name, or driver name at: Photo Gallery. I have quite a few pictures that I have no boat names for, and I am working on a way to choose by boat number as well.

The event was awesome, so great racing, but just two days after the event concluded, Lucas Oil announced that they would be stepping away from Drag Boat Racing. Although disappointing, it wasn't too much of a surprise to me.

I love drag boat racing and I have been around it for most of my life. It is a loser-deal if you are looking to make profit off of the sport. It may provide a minor income for someone who loves this sport, but it is never going to be the money maker that other motorsports are. Let's face it, racing of any kind is going to cost 98% of the competitors money, only that small top percentage can make a living at it. I think that Lucas had great aspirations for this sport, but it is a very tough sport to make profitable from a organizational standpoint. I would just like to say thank you to Lucas Oil for their involvement for the last 20 years with IHBA and running their own series. I hate to see it end, but I understand. There are a lot of great people in this sport, and the sport WILL survive.

PARTS || Brendan Murry - San Jose, CA - (408) 266-3324

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Updated 5/3/2020

  • Piston rack covers 59.00 ea
  • Short block covers -75.00 pr.
  • New 392 hemi roller cams 200.00 ea
  • New mallory transformer 125.00
  • I have 2 Moonyham 8-71 alcohol blower set up for alcohol with snout 2350.00 ea
  • SSI 14-71 top fuel style blower 2450.00 with snout
  • Mike Kuhl river rat water pumps still 525.00
  • Tons of 8MM pulleys 60.00 ea
  • New 8 MM pulleys from 89.00 ea
  • 11 MM belts 3 for 125 shipped
  • NEW! Lightning billet big block CHEVROLET 6.385 long rods 975.00 set
  • Sb chevy blower manifold
  • 526 KB hemi short block set up for Brad fat heads .100 tall ,54MM camshaft steal me at 8500.00
  • BB chevy roller lifters 100- set
  • 6-71 alcohol blower Blower shop new 2650.00
  • Big block chevy 2-1/4 zoomies – 425.00 pr .
  • Enderle 110 pump new 689.00
  • Enderle 80-A pump new 498.00
  • SB chevy zoomies – 325.00
  • Low low pricing on Clevite rod and main bearings bb chevy and 426 hemi
  • Mike Kuhl River rat water pumps in stock 525.00
  • NOS polished 417 Donovan valve covers 1275.00
  • 392 CRAGAR blower manifold aluminum – 589.00
  • 392 hemi standard length Lightning billet aluminum rods 975.00 set
  • Blown big block Chevrolet alcohol motor, new standard deck 9.800 block 4.280 bore, Merlin heads o ringed, new Ferrea stainless valves, PSI roller springs, JE pistons , Akerly Childs rings, New lightning billet aluminum rods, New Clevite bearings, New ARP head /main studs, Erson roller cam, New Milodon oil pan / geardrive, New RCD blower hub, New oil pump, Blower shop blower manifold with burst panel, Roller rockers , hd pushrods 7900.00 - add new blower and injector for 12,500.00Piston rack covers 59.00 ea
  • Check us for low low pricing on Titan, RCD, Arias, SCE gasket, Simpson, DJ safety, Akerly & Childs, Enderle, Blower Shop, Ferrea,Clevite bearing, Billet fab, Weld wheel, System 1, Moroso, Darton, Venolia

    Check out our updated website for more great deals at WWW.RACECARPARTS.COM or call (408)266-3324 Brendan


    Brendan Murry
    Performance Motorsports
    1520 Minnesota Ave.
    San Jose California 95125

Toxic Rocket TFH #460 - Glen Wilson - 2011 World Finals

Glen Wilson debuts the new Toxic Rocket in spectacular fashion. Power blowover. Check out the header flames when the boat is upside-down - Wild! The good thing is the boat only sustained minor damage and the team can repair it for the 2012 campaign.

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