Pictures from 2016 World Finals are now posted

Posted: 11-15-2016

We have posted all of our photos from the 2016 World Finals. Just want to say a special thanks to Steve Prewit and his help getting us there. To see all the pictures....go to

Engine building legend Rex Hutchison passes away

Posted: 10-20-2016

Posted on the Rex Hutchison Racing Engines Page: I am very saddened to report that Heaven gained one of the greatest. The man behind it all Rex Hutchison passed away early this morning. I please ask that everyone keep the Hutchison family in your thoughts and prayers. To everyone that knew Rex, he was a very kind, outgoing, innovative man who loved to make more Horsepower in any form of motorsports. To everyone who is racing this weekend, please race on with a heavy heart and raise one up for him at the end of the night. RIP Rex Hutchison, you've made such an impact in your years and we know you will do the same in heaven.

I was able to meet the man one time when I picked up an engine for a friend at their shop in Sacramento. Rex's son Glenn piloted several drag boats, and many boats are powered by Rex's motors.

New Top Fuel Champions

Posted: 9-5-2016

With two races left, the Nitrocondriac team has already wrapped up the Lucas Oil Drag Boat Racing's most coveted title. The team has been creeping up on the numbers over the past couple years, but this year they have dominated by winning several races and setting a brand new ET record. Congratulations to Driver, Bryan Sanders, and the entire Nitrocondriac team for this huge accomplishment. Not sure who's photo this is, if you know, please let us know and we will give credit for it.

ENGINES || Phoenix Motor Sports LLC Wardell - Shingle Springs, CA - (916) 849-3551 Cell

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Aw$$um Toy TAF - Cole Thurston Goes For Wild Ride

2011 TAF World Finals champ Cole Thurston, took his Aw$$um Toy for a wild ride during qualifying. Although he didn't crash, the boat sustained unrepairable damage and couldn't compete on Sunday. Luckily Cole was uninjured!

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