2019 Schedules Posted

Posted: 2-16-2019

Just posted the 2019 race schedules for the ADBA, NJBA, CDBA, and SDBA.

World Finals Pix are now posted

Posted: 11-10-2018

I just posted all of the pictures from the 2018 World Finals. See all of the images at: 2018 World Finals Photo Gallery, or you can choose by boat name, or driver name at: Photo Gallery. I have quite a few pictures that I have no boat names for, and I am working on a way to choose by boat number as well.

The event was awesome, so great racing, but just two days after the event concluded, Lucas Oil announced that they would be stepping away from Drag Boat Racing. Although disappointing, it wasn't too much of a surprise to me.

I love drag boat racing and I have been around it for most of my life. It is a loser-deal if you are looking to make profit off of the sport. It may provide a minor income for someone who loves this sport, but it is never going to be the money maker that other motorsports are. Let's face it, racing of any kind is going to cost 98% of the competitors money, only that small top percentage can make a living at it. I think that Lucas had great aspirations for this sport, but it is a very tough sport to make profitable from a organizational standpoint. I would just like to say thank you to Lucas Oil for their involvement for the last 20 years with IHBA and running their own series. I hate to see it end, but I understand. There are a lot of great people in this sport, and the sport WILL survive.

Huge Hot Rod and Race Car Parts Swap Meet

Posted: 10-27-2018

Huge swap meet going on next weekend at Sacramento Raceway. Buy, sell, or just browse, you never know what you might find there. Contact Brendan Murry at (408)266-3324 to rent a space.

RACE BOATS || Steve York - Corsicana, TX - (214) 998-3204 Cell

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Kurtis 500/501 Drag Boat on dolly trailer (dolly trailer has chrome wheels) 500 deck with 501 bottom with deepened sponsons (1") Complete, ready to run except for 2 engine parts. Lenco, 2 speed with dual sprags Hemi installed in boat with drive-line, etc. 542 cubic inch, (4.310' bore X 4.625" stroke) TFX +.100 tall, AJ stage II hemi heads NEEDS magneto and coil (has new mag drive) and fuel pump (fuel pump extension + band clamp is installed $23K for all Pictures coming!

Scotty Lumbert Takes The Public Nuisance Fueler For The Wildest Ride Ever

After launching the Public Nuisance Top Fuel Hydro over the burn and into an empty parking lot at the previous Firebird race, Scotty Lumbert took an even wilder ride as his steering lets go and tumbles the boat at over 220 mph, launching the capsule 30-40 feet in the air, striking the island, and landing on the other side in about 12 inches of water. Scotty suffered a leg injury, and some back issues, but returned to racing less than a year later.

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