Showdown in San Angelo rapidly approaching

Posted: 8-14-2014

The Annual Showdown in San Angelo was on shaky ground for a while due to low water levels, but with recent rains the lake is full and ready for some awesome drag boat racing action. I have attended this event a couple of times, and if you want go to a race that is a spectators dream.....this is it. The track is setup so that viewing is available on both sides of the track, similar to Chowchilla. The promotion team does an outstanding job. For those who have been to Red Bluff, this is a very similar race. The entire town of San Angelo gets behind this event. You don't want to miss it. The promoter has locked up blocks of rooms at several hotels. Get them quick though, as these blocks will drop soon. La Quinta 325-949-0515, Days Inn 325-648-6594, and Travel Lodge 325-653-6966.

2001 NJBA Spring Madness Photo Gallery repaired

Posted: 6-14-2014

Well, in our ongoing effort to fix what is broken, we have just fixed all of the images from the 2001 NJBA Spring Madness race.

Ever seen "Madness" with a full wing, not the canard wings like Ron always had on the boat? I am talking a full wing. It looks bad ass, but I think this was the only event that it was on the "Madness" machine. Some very cool pictures from my early days as a photographer.Go check them out!

2000 IHBA Lakefest Photo Gallery all repaired

Posted: 6-13-2014

In an effort to fix all of the galleries, so racers that haven't raced in a few years can see images we shot long ago, we are repairing some of our old galleries. Today I repaired the 2000 IHBA Lakefest gallery. Didn't realize how many cool shots were in there. Racers that have passed on, and racers that are doing other things now. Nice to see images of them.

Gallery includes Tim Stokes wild crash in his Widowmaker TAH, and "Rocket" Ron Braaksma doing his impression of wheelie Wednesday.

Help support the effort, and purchase a print or two. We would sure appreciate the business. Go and check them out.

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Problem Child TFH Crash - Red Bluff, CA

Dale Ishimaru saw his last pass in a drag boat on this pass. Apparently a propeller broke on the boat and the boat, turned left and barrell rolled and threw Dale for the ride of his life. Although Dale survived this accident, he suffered a serious back and ankle injuries. Dale hasn't raced since the accident, but I wouldn't etch it in stone that he won't at some time in the future. Dale, we miss you at the races!

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