Why does my ad have a where my picture is supposed to be with my ad.

If you have just placed your classified ad, and you see a small box with a red x in it (like the one above), your pictures have not yet been processed. When you upload pictures to our server, they are not yet ready for posting at Dragboats.com. We have specific requirements for pictures, therefore pictures do not appear immediately. We will format the pictures and upload them with the appropriate settings as soon as possible. Sometimes it may take 24 hours.

How do I register for the Classifieds

Registering is a fairly simple process - Click here to see a tutorial on how to register

Do you store credit card information on your site

We do NOT store any credit card information on our site. Card information is transmitted to our authorization gateway via SSL (Secure Socket Layer), which is a 128-bit encrypted connection. It is only used for the transaction that is occuring at that time, and will deleted as soon as you complete your transaction.

Can I add more pictures to my ad?

Yes, you can add up to 10 pictures to your ad. If you originally placed your ad without pictures, it will be an additional $15 for the first picture and $5 for each subsequent picture. If you would like to add pictures to your ad.

Does the watermark on the photos appear on a picture I buy?

No, when you purchase a photo from Dragboats.com, it will not have a watermark across the photo. The watermark is placed over our pictures to protect from the misuse of our photos.

Our photos are strictly copyrighted material. Any use without express written consent of Dragboats.com is prohibited.

I would like to purchase a larger size than the ones listed, is that possible?

Yes, depending on the picture, you can call our office, and we can look at the original photo to see if it will work well as an oversized picture. We offer oversized pictures in 20x30, as well as 60x30. Only for specific shots.

How long will my ad run?

Typically ads will run for 2 months from the time of placement. If you ran your ad with the "featured ad" option, it will still remain on the classifieds for 2 months, but will only run for 21 days in the featured spot.

Why would I want to run a feature ad?

Featured Ads give you the opportunity to run your ad at the top of every classified page as well as the front homepage of Dragboats.com. Featured Ads will alternate with other featured ads, never more than 5 at a time.

This option is great for someone that is looking to unload and item in a hurry. The cost is $45.00 in addition to the regular ad cost.

Why are some fields marked "Required"?

Fields like your name, city, state and username and password are integral parts to the way our classifieds system works. When you place an ad, it automatically places your name, and your location with your ad. Without those parts, you may not receive feedback from potential buyers because they don't know who you are, or where you are located.

What is the checkbox that has "Do NOT show your email address with your ads?" do?

This checkbox tells the system that you DO NOT want an email link or your email address with your classified ad. If you are not good about checking your email - you should check this option.

Why are there three telephone blanks, and do I have to fill all of them in?

There is a second blank for a secondary landline or a cell phone. NO, you don't need to fill either blank, if you don't want your phone number listed with your ad, however we don't advise that.

Is my Username and Password "case-sensitive"?

Yes, your Username & Password ARE case-sensitive. For example, if you registered with the Username "joeSmith", and you tried to login with "joesmith", you would be denied login.

Is my Username and Password "case-sensitive"?

Yes, your Username & Password ARE case-sensitive. For example, if you registered with the Username "joeSmith", and you tried to login with "joesmith", you would be denied login.

I don't have my pictures for my ad right now, can I add them later?

Yes, although it is better to have them ready before you place your ad, but you can add them at a later time.

How do I add pictures to my ad later?

When you login to the classified system, it will show all of your ads. Above the ad you would like to add pictures to is a button that says "Add Pictures". Click that button and follow the instructions.

Should I put my telephone number and email address in my ad?

No, you shouldn't put your email or telephone number in your ad. Our classified ad service will automatically ad your profile information to your ad when it is displayed for public view. If you are placing an ad for another person, in the "Who is this ad for" section be sure to select "Someone Else", and you will be able to put their information in at that time.

Why when I try to register does it say I am already registered?

It appears that you already have a profile in our database. To keep things from getting confusing, we offer the opportunity to retrieve your login information. Just input your email address and our system will go and see if there is a profile with that email address, and if so, it will email your login information to you shortly.

I have changed my email and cannot retrieve my login information

If you have forgotten your username or password and have changed your email address since you first registered, you will need to contact our office via our contact page or by contacting our office. You can reach our office toll-free at (530)949-0904 during regular business hours PST/PDT.

Why is there an "N" in the status column?

The "N" represents that the order has either not been shipped, or is pending authorization. Check the individual details of your order to see if one of your items has not been shipped or is back ordered.

It has been 3 weeks since I placed my order and I have not received my order

We typically like to give 3 weeks for you to receive your order. If you have an apparel order, sometimes your order may take more than 3 weeks. We process orders for apparel with race teams immediately upon receipt of your order. If the particular race team is on tour, there may be a longer delay in shipment. If you ordered anything other than apparel, please submit a order inquiry and we will check into your order.

My order indicated that it has been processed, what does that mean?

Typically, if one of the items in your order has a check in the "Processed" box, we have processed the order, but have not shipped it. Most of the time, this is for apparel orders. When we send out the order to the racer/vendor, we will check the processed to let you know that the order has been sent to the supplier and you should be receiving your item soon. We will indicated that it has been shipped when we receive confirmation from the supplier that the item has been shipped.

What is a cookie, and why do you have to store it on my computer?

A cookie is a tiny piece of code that is set by Dragboats.com. It doesn't collect any personal information from you, and can only be read by Dragboats.com. It stores your login information so that the next time you come to Dragboats.com, it will automatically pull the information from your cookie.

I have forgotten my username and password, what do I do?

You can click on the "Forgot Your Login" info button. You will then be asked to give your email address. If you input the email address that you registered with, your login information will be emailed to you. If the email address is different than the one your registered with, you will have to contact our office to receive your login info. You can reach us (530)949-0904, 9:00am - 9:00pm PST/PDT.

Why do I need to register?

In order to track orders, we require registration. When you register, it binds your UserID number to the order, that way you can check status on your order, and access your order history. We do NOT store any credit card or financial information and we do not share email information with ANY outside source.

Are all of the events in the schedule confirmed?

No! The dates posted here are tentative. Although some events listed on our schedule are scheduled for the same weekends every year, it is always best to contact either the event's website or the hosting associations website.

I have never registered to purchase items at dragboats.com, what do I do?

Fill out the form on the right entitled "REGISTER" and click the "Confirm Registration" button at the bottom. It will then check to see if you already have a profile, and if not, will finish your registration and you will be able to complete your purchase.

How do I find out if I am already registered?

Input your name in the box provided at the bottom of the left box name "Last Name". Click the "Find Customer" button. If you name appears in this list, click the link next to your name and input your email address in the following form and you should be sent your login information, if the correct email is input.

Do you offer merchandise sales to foreign countries?

We DO! However, because shipping and handling are much different than shipments within the US, we do require these orders be done via telephone, or email. If you wish to make a purchase and you reside in a foreign country, please drop us an email and we will be glad to help you. We have shipped merchandise all over the world, including CANADA, AUSTRALIA, NORWAY, UK, and FRANCE. We do require that payment is in US funds and preferred payment for foreign purchases is PayPal.

What is the best color to use on a tinted window?

If you are going to put your decal on a tinted window, or dark surface, stay away from dark colors. If you want a dark color, then choose the color you want, but then outline your decal with a light color such as white, yellow, chrome, or light blue.

How do I add more pictures to my ad?

Login to your user profile. On the Members main menu, you will see all of your ads, current and expired. You an only add more images to a currently running ad, so if your ad is expired, you an renew it and add more pictures at that time. If your ad is currently running, just click the "Add More Pictures" button and follow the instructions.

How do I replace existing pictures

(Not available in all screens) To replace a picture you have, click on the button below the thumbnail, and then follow the instructions to upload your new image.

How do I change my password?

To change your password, you need to use the Change Password form. You cannot change your password via the update profile page.

Can I crop my images on the website?

No you cannot. You should crop your images before you post them with your ad. There are several great tools available online that are free that you can do this prior to placing your ad. To resize and crop your images, visit http://www.picresize.com works quite well. Here is a video to show you how it is done.

My pictures are sideways, how to I rotate them?

Rotating is very easy, simply click thelocated under the picture preview and wait for the page to reload, and you image will turn 90 degrees of where it was, repeat this until it is correct.

How big of an image can I upload?

You can upload up to 10mb file (Most phones, tablets, and cameras take files smaller than 10mb). If you try to upload a file larger, our system will tell you the file is too big, and you will need to use a free online service like http://www.picresize.com to resize your image first.

How do I remove a picture I don't want?

Simple! Just click thebutton below the picture preview, and that picture will be removed from the system, and your cost will be recalculated!

Do you store credit card information on your site.

We do NOT store any credit card information on our site. Card information is transmitted to our authorization gateway via SSL (Secure Socket Layer), which is a 128-bit encrypted connection. It is only used for the transaction that is occuring at that time, and will deleted as soon as you complete your transaction.

Can I pay for my order without registering?

Yes! You may pay for your order without becoming a member. Simply checkout as a "Guest". Your order will be saved, exactly as if you were a member. The only part you can't do is track your past orders.

Is your site secure?

Dragboats.com uses a GoDaddy High Assurance SSL Certicate that insures that you are communicating with our website. Simply click on the lock icon that appears next to the URL in the location bar. Usually secured connections have a prefix of "https".

How long will my order take to receive?

Orders may ship at different times, based on the vendor. Stickers, Crash & Burn Posters, Dragboats.com T-Shirts, some videos, and photo purchases usually ship within 3 business days. Other items can take up to 5 business days.

How will my order by shipped?

Typically most orders are shipped via USPS. Depending on the item, it may come in a box, tube, or envelope. Photos/Posters of larger sizes (11x14 and above) will come in a tube. Stickers will usually ship in a corrugated plastic flat to ensure they don't get bent, but some times if they are larger size, they will come in a long box.

How do I check the status of my order?

If you purchased your items using your Dragboats.com login profile, you can check your purchase status at Members Main Hub. If you purchased it via the guest option, please contact us, and we will be glad to check on the status for you.