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Step 1: Upload Your Pictures

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To upload images, click the "Choose File/Browse" button and select your picture.

Step 2: What Category Do You Want This Listed In?

Step 3: How Do You Want Your Ad To Read?

DO NOT include your contact information in the ad text, your stored information will be added automatically by our system.

If you are placing this ad for someone else, please input their contact information in Step 3!

To eliminate unnecessary questions, be descriptive and thorough. Helpful hints....

In the box below a preview of what your ad looks like.

Step 4: Who Is The Ad For?

Ocassionally, users want to place an ad for a friend/third-party. If placing for a someone else, change the selection below to "Someone Else".

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Placed On: Oct 3, 2023 // Last Updated On: Oct 3, 2023

Your ad currently contains 0 characters and will cost $15 and will run for 2 months from the time of placement.

This box DOES NOT appear when you ad is placed - this box is only for preview purposes.

Step 5: Payment Options

Dragboats.com accepts Visa, Mastercard, and Discover credit cards. Some of the information is filled in for you based on your user profile seetings. Please complete the rest of the form which allows your ad to appear immediately (after approval). If you would prefer to pay via check, your ad will appear as soon as we receive your check. If you would like to pay via credit card, but do not want to use our Secured Payment Form, you can phone in your payment information to (530)949-0904. Ads will appear when payment is approved.

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Ad Placement FAQ

I don't have my pictures for my ad right now, can I add them later?

Yes, although it is better to have them ready before you place your ad, but you can add them at a later time.

How do I add pictures to my ad later?

When you login to the classified system, it will show all of your ads. Above the ad you would like to add pictures to is a button that says "Add Pictures". Click that button and follow the instructions.

Should I put my telephone number and email address in my ad?

No, you shouldn't put your email or telephone number in your ad. Our classified ad service will automatically ad your profile information to your ad when it is displayed for public view. If you are placing an ad for another person, in the "Who is this ad for" section be sure to select "Someone Else", and you will be able to put their information in at that time.

Ad Placement FAQ

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