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BE READY FOR UPCOMING SEASON! #1. Two fresh 526 cu. Inch, billet MBR engines, manifold to pan, 4.125 stroke, 4.500 bore, 11.6 to 1 compression, both have Newton billet blocks, billet MBR heads, cast magnesium intake manifolds, GRP rods, Arias pistons, Olson oil pans, cast magnesium timing covers, full valve train with black powder coated MBR valve covers, Crane cams, Morel 1 inch lifters, 2.600 intake valves, 1.950 exhaust valves, RCD crank hubs with crank trigger degree wheels, cranks have just been maged and polished with .010 under mains and standard rods, no oil pumps or pullies, both have fresh or new main caps, with fresh line hones, fresh honed or new sleeves, new rings, fresh valve jobs with 2.60 titanium intakes and stainless exhaust valves, fresh valve springs, everything between the two are interchangeable and still in great shape. Both engines are race ready and should be competitive and have both been in the 5.50's in an Alcohol Funny Car with a best of 5.52 259. One comes with new roller style MBR rocker assembly $24,000 the other with non roller steel rocker assembly $22,000 plus the ride. Compare to new one from MBR at around $52k. #2. 540 cubic inch cast 11.2 deck height, 4.50 bore, 4.25 stroke 8.3 ltr Arias engine in very nice shape, never windowed or hurt. comes with billet crank, low run pistons and rods, head studs. Dan Olson wet sump pan. Like new-fresh late model billet cylinder heads with NEW Victory 2.40 titanium intakes and Victory stainless exhaust valves, springs and new retainers. Roller cam and lifters, Manton push rods. Complete rocker assembly, shafts, stands and rockers, magnesium MBR blower intake manifold with burst panel, aluminum front fuel pump extension, RCD front degree wheel, black powder coated valve covers, this engine will come fresh with crank, cam and gears,assembled with new rings, bearings and gaskets, $20,000 plus the ride, or $16,000 less the crank, cam, front gears, lifters plus the ride. #3. 572 cu. in 8.3 ltr. Arias cast block, two complete engines. Enderle barn door upright injectors, Enderle K-Valves, 14-71 Littlefield superchargers, Arias pistons, Brooks rods, billet cranks, roller cams and lifters, Manton push rods, complete rocker stands and rocker assemblies, aluminum front fuel pump extensions, Enderle fuel pumps, external billet oil pumps, Olson wet sump pans, magnesium front offset mag drive covers with Mallory mags, caps, wires and coils. Complete injectors to pan $24,000 each OBO, freshening up with new rings, fresh cylinder hone and new rod bearings, fresh line bore and new gaskets.New black powder coating on valve covers, intake manifold, front cover and oil pan Plus the ride. #4. 572 Aluminum water block Donovan 500 with Big Chief water heads, COMPLETE injector hat ( 2 to choose from ) to pan. 14-71 SSI supercharger, Indy manifold, 4.50 Crower crank, 4.50 Arias pistons, Oliver rods. TD shaft rockers, Manton, Morosso aluminum oil pan, Enderle pump, Enderle K-Valve, aluminum front drive and aluminum front mag drive. $24,000 or I'll complete with MSD Mag 44, points box, coil, fuel lines, nozzles wires, belt and pulleys, front idler $28,000 obo. #5. Lots of Arias-MBR parts, heads, pistons, rods, cams, rockers, stands etc., too much to list, call for pricing and availability Contact: Dana Wardell, Phoenix Motor Sports LLC, (916) 849-3551 or phoenixmtrspts@gmail.com


Phoenix Motor Sports LLC Wardell
Shingle Springs, CA
(916) 849-3551 Cell

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